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Technical Info

Auditorium Technical Info

  • The maximum playing depth is 6800mm (DS edge of pit to cyc)
  • The maximum playing width is 8200mm

  • Strict capacity 240
  • 220 on retractable rake
  • 20 loose chairs

  • 5 Dressing Rooms with lit mirrors, costume rails and wash hand basins. Two of these have showers.
  • The Green room is equipped with microwave, kettle and fridge for use.
  • We have a small laundry room equipped with a washer and dryer.
  • Each room has talkback/audio and there are show monitors in the Green room and Bar.
  • 5 back stage toilets.

Get in and out

  • Access to the scene dock is via areas owned by our neighbours; although access is available at any time to effect a load-in/out long term parking is strictly forbidden.
  • Please liaise closely with the Tech. Mgr. on get in times, pre-rigging etc.
  • N.B. All sets should have a valid fire cert.
  • Any toured equipment deemed unsafe by the duty technician may not be used.
  • All toured lanterns MUST have safety brands and be in good repair or they will not be hung.
  • Please note the use of confetti cannons is strictly forbidden, streamer effects can be used

  • Dunamaise provides one house technician for up to ten hours to assist with get-in, and one technician for the get-out.
  • A member of our technical staff is on standby at all times, please note that this is not for show operation but for technical back up.
  • Please advise if you wish us to engage additional technical cover on your behalf. We can make any required arrangements and apply the relevant charge on settlement for sound engineers/sound technicians, lighting designers/riggers/operators or stage crew for the running of shows, on request.
  • N.B Access to the theatre for load in and rehearsal is from 10am to 10pm, times must be agreed in advance with the Technical Manager

Technical Enquiries

Technical Manager: Nick Anton

Tel: 087 2358067

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