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Dunamaise Cafe

Artist Showcase

Greg Hallahan

September - mid October

Free to visit during opening hours

Image of greg hallahans artworks which are 4 different sized pieces all made from recycled cardboard collages depicting different anciet irish monuments dolmens and stone circles

See more of Greg's artwork on Instagram: @greg_hallahan_art

A mixed media artist from Kildare who predominantly works with recycled cardboard. Currently Greg’s artwork looks at magical and mystical prehistoric monuments such as the dolmens and ringforts of our ancestors that attract, confuse and demand respect. These structures are recreated on recycled double corrugated cardboard with pen, pencil, and acrylic markers to bring forth the inner power and beauty of this most ubiquitous material and give it a new purpose and a new life. The content brings forward the rigidity and delicacy of the cardboard while recreating the buildings and structures of our ancestors highlighting the importance of these places as being vital to community and people. The cardboard is sourced from shops, friends and family. Using a material that is overlooked and mostly taken for granted, Greg is conscious of reusing and reintegrating this material into the literal idea of transport (cardboard boxes transporting products) but also psychologically through our ancestors’ structures. Looking at our ancestors' and reflecting on the lives they led and the climate they lived within, these buildings and structures are the only real connection we have to them as written documents from their lives were either not documented or have been destroyed. These places of community that remain act as a gateway to our relatives and imbue hope, strength, and power.

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