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Irish National Opera present

Opera with Virtual Reality Animation

Out of the Ordinary : As an nGnách

Saturday 10th February, Hourly from 11am to 5pm

€10 tickets

Woman sitting on the floor with a VR headset on and the animation from the visrtual reality landscape visible as the border around her image

A virtual reality community opera about winning and losing society’s battle for survival. Your in-the-moment reactions decide what ending you will see. This exciting collaboration brings together experts from the arts, technology and academic sectors, using new technologies and ways to involve local communities in opera.

Winner of Fedora Digital Prize 2021 | Sung in Irish and English with subtitles

Out of the Ordinary (As an nGnách) tells the tale of a community forced to flee their barren homeland, which, due to their own actions, can no longer sustain them. Nalva, our main character, builds a boat to take her people on an epic journey to find a new home. But as they begin their voyage, they don’t realise they are being pursued. Daol, a powerful force of nature, furious at being released from the leached soil, churns up the seas and causes a huge storm, plunging the boat underwater. When Nalva and her people eventually resurface, they find themselves at a new and unfamiliar land. Can they make a home here? Will they learn to live in harmony with nature, or will they repeat the mistakes of the past? And will the destructive energy of Daol find peace, or will she continue to wreak havoc? It’s all to play for. Why not climb aboard?Written by composer Finola Merivale and librettist Jody O’Neill working with director Jo Mangan and students from rural Ireland and communities from Inis Meáin, Tallaght and South Dublin. A world of opera you can carry around on your head.

Because the virtual reality headsets obscure the outside world, the opera will be shown to small groups in a controlled environment. The space and all of the equipment will be fully sterilised between showings. The opera is open to people aged 14 and upwards, but is not suitable for people who are pregnant or who have a range of medical conditions. For a full list see User Considerations on

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