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Ceol Connected

The Land of a Hundred Little Hills

Theatre for Schools

Tuesday 20th February, 10am and 12pm,

Tickets are €5 per pupil and Teachers go for FREE

4 people on stage one holds a puppet and 2 hold instruments having fun and laughing together

Using a combination of live music, puppetry and animation The Land of a Hundred Little Hills is a joyful, moving, and action-packed musical tale.

  • Created for ages 6+
  • Duration 40 minutes

A unique, authentic gig theatre experience for children ages 6+ that vividly and intimately celebrates the wonder of childhood; exploring how the ordinary can become extraordinary in the eyes of a child.

Inspired by Patrick Kavanagh’s A Christmas Childhood poem, this is a touching story about a young boy whose life was full of wonder, fantastical adventures with his friends, and a deep connection with nature and the world around him.

However, after growing up moving away from home, he somehow lost his wonder along the way.
Can his childhood book of memories help him to rediscover it?
Can he reconnect with the magic of childhood once again?

Coproduced by Ceol Connected, the National Concert Hall and Draíocht Arts Centre. Commissioned by the Patrick Kavanagh Centre and Monaghan County Council and funded by the Arts Council.

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